Author: Jeff Snelling

Plumbing for Outdoor Kitchens

As the summer winds down here in the Pacific Northwest, you might be dreaming about extending the season with an outdoor kitchen right on your patio or deck. Let’s face it, the summers here don’t last long enough, so anything

Did You Know – Piping Expansion Joints

Expansion joints are routinely used in plumbing for your home, where expansion and contraction (from heat and cold) or movement (ex. structural settling) could damage connections. Why is this important? Correctly and well designed plumbing can prevent leaks for years

Instant Hot Water Anywhere

How many times have you found yourself outside trying to wash the car or clean your barbecue grates off and thinking “Gee, I could really use a hose with hot water!?!?”  Maybe it’s time to consider a energy efficient tankless

Navien Tankless Water Heaters

Navien Tankless Water Heater Installation

Maple Valley Plumbing now offers Navien Tankless Water Heaters for purchase and installation.  We recently installed this tankless water heater for a home owner in Issaquah, WA.  Replacing the old conventional water heater, which was inefficient and costly compared to

Water Main Leak

Believe it or not, water main breaks are fairly common, but they are not the kind you see on the news, where rivers of water carry cars down the street. Most main line breaks are leaks that start out small

Extending The Life of Your Water Heater

If you have ever come home from a long day’s work only to find a curious water source flowing from your garage, or even worse, inside your home, then you’ve been through this before. Traditional water heaters typically last up

Burien Town Center Water Feature

Burien Town Center interactive water feature just outside of the City Hall & Library building. All plumbing completed by Maple Valley Plumbing & Pipeworks. Have you been to Burien lately? If not, you’re missing some very cool changes, and it’s

Is Your Water Heater Earthquake Ready?

Traditional water heater with earthquake straps in place. If you didn’t already know that Seattle and the surrounding region is in an earthquake zone, well then you must be new the area. 🙂 Even if we were not in that

New Sink & Faucet Installed

Remodel bathroom sink and faucet installation We recently installed this beautiful bathroom sink and faucet for a customer in the Sammamish Plateau area. If you didn’t already know, Maple Valley Plumbing offers fine finish work, such as this sink and