Natural Gas & Propane Pipe Repairs

image-gas-meterIf you smell gas inside or outside your home, leave the area immediately and call 911 or your supplier to have the gas shut off. There may be danger, especially if inside your home where gas can collect and be ignited from even the smallest spark.

Hopefully this isn’t an emergency, but if you need repairs to your natural gas or propane lines, Maple Valley Plumbing provides the following services:

  • Gas Leak Detection & Testing
  • Natural Gas & Propane Line repairs / installations – This includes lines to appliances, fireplaces, hot tubs, water heaters, furnace, etc.
  • Gas Line inspection
  • Natural Gas Water heater repair & replacement
  • Gas Line Regulator Installation & replacement
  • Building Code Upgrades – Building codes are always changing and could impact the resale value of property or add to costs of selling.

Propane Tank Installations

Maple Valley Plumbing can install propane tanks (cylinders) up to 100 gallons in size and run piping or lines to any location. If you are planning an outdoor kitchen, permanent barbeque grill, gas fireplace, or outdoor heaters, we can help you create the perfect outdoor experience.


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