Rain Water Retention Systems

image-rain-water-storageEven though the Puget Sound region gets its fair share of rain every year, there can be long periods of time during the summer months where drought conditions are common. Even if there is no drought, why not save money on your water bill by using what’s free right out of the sky.

The average rainfall in Puget Sound (per NOAA) is:

Average Historical Rainfall (inches)
Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun
5.79 4.02 3.71 2.55 1.7 1.46
Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
0.77 1.1 1.72 3.5 5.97 5.81

Trvia: Did you know that just 1 inch of rain falling on a roof of 2000 sq ft gives you 1200 gallons of water? It’s true!

At Maple Valley Plumbing, we have the experience to install all kinds of applications to harvest rain water and make efficient use of your stored water. Rain water is also the best water for your plants and lawn.

Storage Tanks

There are rain water storage tanks for different applications:

  • Rain Barrels – Generally, rain barrels can be used for smaller applications and are easy to install.
  • Above Ground Rain Water Storage – The storage tanks can range from plastic composite to aluminum and can be used for landscape irrigation, livestock, and refilling water features and ponds.
  • Below Ground Rain Water Storage Storage – Below ground gives you the same application uses as above ground, but with the added benefit of having the storage tanks hidden from site.

Rain Water Storage Applications

What could be better than using something as natural as rain water to water your lawn, plants, and animals? Here are some practical ideas on what you can do with rain water harvesting:

  • Greenhouse Water – Build a greenhouse or hothouse for your plants and use the roof to harvest water for use in watering your plants later.
  • Landscape Watering – Rain barrels and storage tanks can be a beautiful addition to any landscape and can provide a convenient water source throughout the year for you plants.
  • Landscape Irrigation – With larger water retention systems, a landscape irrigation system can be installed, providing a reliable and inexpensive way to water your lawn and plants.
  • Livestock – With larger water retention systems, a watering system can be installed to provide inexpensive water to your livestock and farm animals.

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