Septic & Sewer Replacements

image-Septic-Tank-InstallationMaple Valley Plumbing can help you detect and repair problems related to failing septic systems and sewer lines.

Septic System Installations & Repair

A well maintained septic system usually means trouble free use of your septic system for long periods of time, but eventually, even the most diligently maintained systems can fail. That where we come in. Our technicians can pinpoint problems and help you resolve them. Even install new septic systems if needed.

Sewer Line Installations & Repair

Sewer lines can be damaged in many ways. Older homes in particular may have large trees around the sewer line where eventually their roots invade the pipe lining, thus creating a blockage.

Even though we don’t typically have extremely cold weather in the Puget Sound area, there can be problem resulting from cold snaps where the ground freezes and pipes may not be buried deep enough to prevent damage. Obviously, frozen pipes are never a good thing.


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