Water Main Repairs & Replacements

Water-Main-RepairWater main leaks or breaks can be very messy, and expensive if not fixed in an urgent fashion.

In many cases, the leak may not have physical symptoms (i.e. soggy lawn or running water where it’s not supposed to be), but you may notice your water bill is increasing without your usage of water going up. The dollars can add up fast, so it’s best to have a professional plumber assess the problem.

Maple Valley Plumbing has the expertise and equipment to find the leak and do all the work around repair or replacement of the water main.

Detecting a Leak

Aside from the obvious symptoms, like a soggy lawn, wet driveway or street, or worse yet, a sink hole, there are ways to detect water leaks without special equipment. Here is a common way to detect leaks in the main water line to your home:

Water Meter

  1. Turn Water Main Off – In most homes, there is a main water valve that can be shut off before entry to the household fixtures.
  2. Remove lid to water meter. There may be a cover to the meter itself that can be lifted so you can see the measurement dials.
  3. Watch the meter – if there is a leak, the meter will be running.
  4. Ensure Testing – If you do detect a leak at the meter, then just to be sure the shut off valve is doing its job, turn on a faucet inside the house. If water is still running, then your shutoff valve may be defective. If there is no water running, then the test at the meter was accurate.

If you have attempted the steps above and have not resolved your leak suspecions, then of course, you can give us a call to help.


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