Instant Hot Water Anywhere

Jul 10, 2015 | Water Heaters

How many times have you found yourself outside trying to wash the car or clean your barbecue grates off and thinking “Gee, I could really use a hose with hot water!?!?” Maybe it’s time to consider a energy efficient tankless water heater. Going “tankless” means you can put hot water where you needed, taking very little space, so you can have hot water whenever you need it.

Many tankless water heater manufactures make models that are very compact and can fit in small spaces, or even models that are for exterior installations. If you have a garage or shed where it would be handy to have an instant hot water source, than tankless is a great way to go.

However, convenience is not the only reason to install a tankless water heater. You should also consider that the life span of a tankless vs. a Storage type tank is twice as long. They typically last for 20 years. Additionally, the warrantee is longer. Some manufactures have 15 year warrantees.

Energy efficiency is also at the top of the list. According to the US Department of Energy, natural gas tankless water heaters are about 83 percent efficient, while electric heaters are 99 percent efficient. However, there are usually federal & state rebates for installing Natural Gas tankless heaters.

Maple Valley Plumbing has installed tankless water heaters for many years and fully stands behind the work. Please give us a call if you are considering one and need an estimate. We’re happy to talk with you.