Plumbing for Outdoor Kitchens

Mar 3, 2017 | Residential Plumbing

As the summer winds down here in the Pacific Northwest, you might be dreaming about extending the season with an outdoor kitchen right on your patio or deck. Let’s face it, the summers here don’t last long enough, so anything you can do to keep the rain off your head while you’re cooking outside is a plus.

If you’re really serious about starting an outdoor kitchen project, now is the perfect time to get started, so you’re ready for next spring. There are some inexpensive ways to ensure you are able to enjoy you outdoor kitchen most of the year.

First, make sure you plan for water and gas (propane or natural gas) plumbing, even if you don’t have immediate plans to add features that might make use them. You can always use them in the future or list it as a feature when you sell your house.

An obvious feature of any outdoor kitchen is the grill. How many times have you gone out to start the grill, just to find out there’s no propane! DOH!!! Well, with a built in grill or even a gas line to a portable, you have all the fuel you need.

For heat, you can create a very comfortable environment throughout the year, by hanging some heaters from the rafters or ceiling. There are lots of options and they are a great way to keep toasty warm anytime you want. Finally, don’t forget about the water and a sink. Why go to the kitchen every time you need to clean a plate or rinse your barbecue utensils.

Maple Valley Plumbing can help by giving you estimates and contribute to your designs or plans with our expertise for outdoor kitchen plumbing.